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Like a proud parent, I thought I’d treat you to a sneaky peak of the book I completed last year which has now gone to print. Vintage Knit is a project book, the brainchild of graphic designer Marine Malak who won the ‘Best Student Book’ category of the British Book Design and Production Awards 2011 with her re-imagining of the 1940s Margaret Murray/Jane Koster classic ‘Knitting Illustrated’. Marine and I got together in the Laurence King offices in late 2012 and spent many happy hours going through patterns, discussing colours, yarns and styles … 25 projects and a year and a half later, the book is now due for release in August!

We’ve put together a great selection of projects, including 8 patterns for accessories (hats, socks, scarves etc), 14 sweater and cardigan patterns, and 3 larger projects (a beautiful dress, spectacular striped housecoat and a stylish ‘cuddle’ skirt). The patterns have been updated and graded for 34″, 36″, 38″ and 40″ bust sizes, using a wide range of accessible yarns.┬áIt was all beautifully shot in contemporary style in a North London studio and the garments were modelled by Marine’s ridiculously lovely friends. The styling might come as a surprise to some vintage fans – by no means is it slavish to the past; instead we’ve tried more to show how the designs and their classic details can still be relevant in 2014 without feeling that you have to buy into the whole vintage lifestyle. The colours are chosen from a modern palette (most obvious in the shocking pink and burnt orange of the twinset) and one of the book’s intentions is to hopefully capture a new audience of knitters, eager to put their own contemporary twist on the vintage look.

So, enough of the blah, see for yourself … here are a few pics from the book:

Double Scarf Jumper


Round Yoke Jumper

Round Yoke Dress


Spiral Pattern Jumper







3 Responses to “Vintage Knit”

  1. Lynsey says:


    Love the pink & orange twinset in the second picture from the top!!

    Will be buying your book when released in August!! ;-)

  2. TerryLee says:

    I would love to have this book when it is released. Could you give send me an e-mail, when it is ready for sale. thanks


    • admin says:

      Hello, glad to hear you like the look of it! I’ll certainly do my best to email you when it’s out, but the best thing to do is to subscribe to the site – I’ll write a post when it’s published. Whereabouts in the world are you?

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