Mad Men ‘Peggy’ Sweater

I have developed the habit of rushing for the remote to pause the TV whenever I see an interesting piece of clothing or knitting and taking a picture of the screen: technology, my family thanks you. Usually the first thing to hand is my phone so the pictures aren’t great and that’s usually where they stay, languishing in the digital vaults of an HTC Desire.

Somehow this one not only made it out but made it onto my needles. And I actually finished it. And here it is … the ‘Peggy’ Sweater. The last season of Mad Men saw the ’60s really starting to kick in and, for me, Peggy’s wardrobe stood out spectacularly, coloured with mod touches, collars and cravats. Early on in the series she wore this great black dress, just above the knee, with bold black and white accents … just crying out to be made into a sweater, I thought. So I did.

I knitted it up using Debbie Bliss Rialto 4-ply. Forgoing my usual zero or negative ease, I’ve given this one a 1.5″ ease to lend it more of a ’60s ‘shift’ appearance. The bodice is a simple torso and has vertical darts to add some shaping at the waist. Instead of a ribbed welt I’ve given it a plain sewn-under hemline to enhance the tailored look. The striped cuffs and central band are knitted and sewn on separately, the split collar double-backs on itself which gives it some substance. I made a small keyhole opening at the back, gave into my slight obsession with small red highlights … et voila.

While I was knitting the cuffs and central band I grew rather attached to the reverse side, such a great geometric pattern which got me thinking about other designs … I love it when you get inspiration tangents¬† mid-project.

I’ll publish the pattern when I get around to writing it up, hopefully before Christmas, but now it’s finished I rather wish I’d been more adventurous and knitted it up as a dress, it would have been rather spectacular. I might give it another run next year and try it as a dress in a different colour … watch this space!



2 Responses to “Mad Men ‘Peggy’ Sweater”

  1. Knottychick says:

    Love the sweater! Can`t wait to see the pattern :)

  2. How fabulous! It was definitely crying out to be a sweater and you have done it proud!

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