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Bestway Tea-Time Jumper


This classic 1940s jumper with its lacy stitch, cuffs, tie-neck and box-cap sleeves contains most of the elements I love about vintage knitting patterns. Features in ‘Knit Back In Time’ as the example pattern used to show how to make adjustments – now you can download it and adapt it yourself!

Original wool used: 7oz Golden Eagle Lustre Suede, No.10 & No.12 knitting needles, to a tension of 7sts/10 rows to 1″.

downloadDownload the .pdf for the Bestway ‘Tea-Time Jumper’

Bestway Sleeveless Pullover

Bestway Sleeveless Pullover


I love this little jumper … sadly too small for me, the instructions are for 34″ bust, although there’s nothing to stop you from sizing it up. Classic 1940s sleeveless pullover in ‘a charming diamond pattern’. The diamond stitch is ‘easily worked and most effective’.

Original wool used: 6oz Lister’s Lavenda 3-ply, No.10 knitting needles and 1 set of four No.13 knitting needles.

downloadDownload the .pdf for the Bestway Sleeveless Pullover

Lee Target Cardigan

Lee Target Cardigan


Elegant 1950s lady’s cardigan, the sleeves are unusually knitted all in one as part of the body.Great range of sizes too: 32″-34″/36″-38″/40″-42″.

Originally worked using 14/16/18oz Motoravia DK.

downloadDownload the .pdf for the Lee Target Lady’s Cardigan

Munrospun Striped Jersey


A classic early 1950s striped jumper with dolman sleeves knitted in one as part of the body.
Size: 36″ bust.Originally worked using 4 oz Munrospun ‘Fairytex’ in Navy and 1oz in white, using 1 pair No.10 needles & 4 x No.12 dpns.

downloadDownload the .pdf for the Munrospun Dolman Jersey


Afternoon Style Jumper

Afternoon Style Jumper


Lovely jumper in 3 sizes with striped waistband (hiding cunningly concealed pockets) and sleeve welts.  From a 1956 Stitchcraft pull-out.Great range of sizes again: 34″-35″/36″-37″/38″-39″.

Originally worked using 10/11oz Patons Beehive Fingering 4-ply (plus 2/3oz contrasting colour).

downloadDownload the .pdf for the Afternoon Style Jumper


marple_scarf MISS MARPLE SCARF

Skiff’s interpretation of a classic, the so-called Miss Marple scarf came about through an email from an eagle-eyed Miss Marple viewer who’d spotted the scarf during an episode and wanted the pattern. Skiff obliged and made one up, only to later find it already out there on the web!The Skiff version used UK Alpaca, a lovely soft DK.

downloadDownload the .pdf for Skiff’s Miss Marple Vintage Scarf


Skiff's 1930s Swagger Scarf

Skiff’s 1930s Swagger Scarf


Another garter stitch scarf, another Skiff interpretation of a vintage classic … this one was originallly a 1930s P&B pattern leaflet for which I found the advertisement but not the pattern.  So I made it up …The Skiff version used Jamieson & Smith 2-ply Jumper Weight.

downloadDownload the .pdf for Skiff’s 1930′s Swagger Scarf


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